She was pretty high on our 'buy list.' She met all the criteria we look for in a racehorse.

I love the way she sustains her run, and I think there's a good chance we'll try the Ashland. That way we can get an idea where we stand with her.

No doubt the fast racetrack made the difference. She spun her wheels in the slop last time. I could see she was in trouble in the Old Hat after an eighth of a mile when the jockey was scrubbing on her and she was going nowhere. A lot of horses didn't run that day and we were one of them.

She's just tremendous the last eighth of a mile. She's got such a big kick.

Right now we will take a hard look at the Oaks, but we'll probably wait for the Acorn. There are so many good races you don't want to squeeze the lemon.

She stood out pretty strong on our list. She had the qualities we liked.

I don't think she appreciated being inside, catching excessive dirt. But once she switched leads she hits another gear. She's done it in all her races. She's exciting.