We've got to go against God now. That's said with a lot of respect.

We haven't made a big deal out of the winning streak. We just keep pushing goals out in front of the kids. Right now, 30 wins sounds pretty good.

They have about seven guys who are very interchangeable. They're in the mold of a lot of good National Trail teams like Teutopolis and (Effingham) St. Anthony. They play good, fundamental defense. And they aren't flashy on offense; they just take advantage of your mistakes.

This has been one of those years where we don't have any superstars. We have had good teamwork all year.

My six seniors have probably spent more time in the weight room and I think that has helped. The three senior starters have very good leadership. Getting back to the sectional finals is not something we have focused on. We are just taking one game at a time. The fact we are on a winning streak does not add any pressure.

Their offense broke down Pawnee early in the game. They had a lot of open cutters going to the basket. Hopefully, we won't allow that, or else we'll get the same results Pawnee did.

Neoga is a very good team. They take a lot of pride in their defense just as we do. They are very balanced and very interchangeable. They can shoot from the perimeter or post up. They are very athletic. They remind me of a typical Teutopolis or Effingham St. Anthony team.