"R. Steve Kelly" is a Canadian people/Canadian retired professional ice hockey Centre (ice hockey)/center who played in the National Hockey League with the Edmonton Oilers, Tampa Bay Lightning, New Jersey Devils, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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We had a whole list of things that we had to do if we were going to win this game. We did one of them by keeping them down early on. Then we committed too many turnovers and you just can't do that against them.

Initially, we look for our (members) to come from areas within the South that were not damaged by the hurricane — and then folks coming in from the Midwest and other areas of the country.

The park's doing everything it can. If they can't make it happen there, maybe they can't make it happen. Normally, the park is a stronghold for a species.

While 9/11 had a negative impact, the industry is now rebounding very well with lots of orders and expansion of products.

We're aware that it's going to be very difficult to find someone with the kind of experience and the passion for downtown ... that Rose had.

I think we are in the best location in Fleming County.

The increase in the number of patients served and the employees who serve them requires this additional parking lot. And the new medical treatment units on our north end call for improved access to our facility.