There are three goals we have. The first goal is the Commissioner's Cup, the second goal is the Flyers Cup and the lofty third goal is states. But it's one at a time. You have to build on it.

Most of our top scorers are underclassmen, four sophomores and two juniors. Our top seniors are mostly defensemen.

When you have a guy who can put the puck in the net, check the league, there aren't too many guys like that.

We just couldn't put anything past Perry. He's been like that all year. ... It was important for us to be determined and persistent because if you put enough pressure on any goalie, eventually the wall is going to crack.

We've had the same season-long problems. We make mental mistakes, whether it results in a penalty or a turnover, and we don't shoot the puck enough. ... You can't score unless you shoot.