They were a home-court advantage when we played there, but that advantage was far outweighed by the lack of training they provided. Points are over too quickly, which didn't allow us to build up physically, while being able to hit some shots gave our players a false sense of security.

Matt Brothers has a great mind for doing stuff that's effective and entertaining along the way.

Obviously, guys have had some success, if they're playing college tennis, ... But the first event is always an eye-opener.

The truth of the matter is that Toledo and Butler are teams we need to have success against, regardless.

Tennis is a sport in which people know each other, and compared with other Big Ten schools, the Rec Building and our courts were unimpressive. I'm sure that we've lost recruits over the years.

There really aren't many guarantees. If the guy who's on the bottom right now plays well, he'll be in the lineup.

The concept of sending students down is in our plans, but that will have to wait until more housing is available.

I was very pleased with our performance. We were very successful from a team standpoint. We have made significant progress in practice and it showed up at Wisconsin.

A lot of guys nowadays have a weapon - a big shot or big serve - so we get them out of their comfort zone, where they're charging the net and hitting approach shots.