Mallory is one of Mississippi's best. She has had a lot of success at the high school and club level and we are looking for her to continue that at Ole Miss. She is a well-rounded player who possesses the technical and tactical abilities needed to compete at the next level, and we look for her to be successful right away.

In the spring, it's a chance to experiment, to use a different system. You don't have to be concerned with wins and losses.

They're amazing. First class. Some of the best fields in the country. I've been around soccer for a long time and this is some of the best.

Mallory will provide us with another weapon up top. Her speed, quickness and ability on the ball will make her a threat to opposing defenses. She is also a very hard worker and has a great knack for scoring goals.

We are very pleased and excited about this year's recruiting class. Each player in this class has the ability to come in and make a difference. This group is very talented and will help make us a better program.

Our staff objective for the spring is always to prepare for the fall. We wanted to work with the team in different systems and with a variety of players in different positions - a lot of experimenting. That being the objective, I think we had a successful spring.

We are fortunate once again to get one of the top soccer players in the state to choose Ole Miss as her home. Hannah is a special player and probably one of the best players in the Southeast. She has a chance to step in right away and make an impact. She is outstanding with her back to pressure, and her ability to read the game and score goals is exceptional.

It was good to see Renie score four goals. As a senior who has tons of experience, she is a valuable piece of this team.

To have three All-Americans in one year is great for our program. I'm proud of all three of them. It's an awesome reward for all the hard work they put in this year.