They've got a bunch of tools in their toolbox. And they're using them all.

A lot of students already have taken off, including the election commission.

An investigation continues but at this point there is no evidence of improper acts by any specific individual or slate of candidates. I urge all parties to the election process to refrain from accusations against other candidates.

Holy Cross shoved (their running game) down our throats in the fourth quarter when they needed to put a drive together.

Sullivan is something special. We want to be more than one-dimensional, but in a ball game like that in the rain, we have to go to him and let him go to work. Our offensive line stepped up and made some holes.

I am issuing an executive order setting aside the Student Government election that took place on March 14 and 15, and directing that a new election be conducted on Tuesday, April 11.

We made a nice defensive stand in the second half. They stepped it up and got it done, which was very exciting considering we have 11 new starters on that side of the ball.