You have to be very patient up there. And you have to believe you can hit with two strikes.

This is a good kid. When he gets around people that like him and he knows he doesn't have to be all mean and tough, he can just be himself. You can already see that here. There have been certain calls that in the past he would have gone all crazy. Now, he knows how to deal with it.

I think one of the big problems with Nation is that it has too much space. It's not a good place to meet people.

I was fortunate because my mother never let me see that part of it. I heard a lot about it and it was kind of difficult. I've talked to a lot of older ballplayers that played at that time and it was real tough on them.

People that are going to [lounges] are the older crowd. They don't want to be around the young pups.

They've always been recognized as the heroes going into the flaming building and pulling people out.

They are students of the game and know what it takes to win.