He had a tremendous game. He's really shot the ball consistently well for us for a while now. That allows us to have a third scoring option with Max (Kerman) and Anthony (Coppola) that we've needed.

We really knocked down some threes, and that kind of separated things quickly. We continued to be unselfish out there. We're getting more and more assists each game, we're making the extra pass in order to get a better one. Coppola set the tone with his finishing at the beginning, and we're shooting the ball better.

We shot lights out tonight. We started to get some stops in the second half. We were just torrid from the outside, especially in the second half.

Those are obviously two great players who came through Watertown High School. For Max to do it at home, with everybody there, was actually pretty special.

With their quickness, our game plan to start was to slow them down a little bit, play some zone. They hit some threes and at that point we just felt we had to change it up. We went man-to-man, we went with a different lineup tonight. We just went with all quick ball-handling type players.

We don't know (his status) right now. Hopefully it'll be OK, but we're not sure. He's going to get it X-rayed and get some treatment tomorrow.

There is nothing past us before you pass into California. We're sitting out there where we hope to be pristine into eternity.