Steve Hansen
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"Stephen William "Steve" Hansen" is a New Zealand rugby union coach and former rugby union player. He is currently the head coach of the New Zealand national rugby union team/All Blacks.

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I think lock is still an area we want to keep developing, James has made great strides, Ali's made tremendous strides as well and Jacko's just been Jacko so if we could find a fourth person that would be great.

The big different between playing the Lions and the home nations is that you've got a group of people who understand each other, who understand the philosophy of how they want to play.

Alaska was not included (in the last documentary). It's going to be a very, very interesting and informative story that Congressman Young thinks the rest of the country should see.

I believe if we want to go into the World Cup we've got to find a loose forward who's six foot four (1.93m) and can jump and also do all the things that our current crop have got, so it would be nice to find one of them so we can have a lineout that has three bullets rather than two.

Clearly, he was punching.

It will be nice to find one of them.

We need to have a lineout with three bullets rather than two.

We'll give Greg as much time as he needs, he's well versed in what we're doing and how we do it.

The release of sensitive information denigrates the process. It denigrates the people involved in the process.