The Red Cross has an agreement to use some junior high and high schools as secondary shelters, and all school district employees are subject to serving as emergency employees.

Our used portion is about the same size as the old Kenilworth Junior High School.

We're now considerably better prepared to deal with code-red situations, in which an armed assailant is on campus. Before then, we mainly emphasized earthquake preparedness. We've been conducting fewer drills for earthquakes lately, but we're making more preparations for them this year.

Each year, we have new employees, and we need to make sure that they and other employees know the process and procedures that are in place.

Elementary-school enrollment is cyclical. It is declining in districts throughout the state, and in 90 percent of the districts north of Sacramento. Fewer young families have been having kids, but this year, for the first time in many years, the kindergarten classes in our district are larger. We're not expecting growth, but eventually our enrollment will be flat.

Each year, every campus is checked to make sure that it has enough food, water and supplies that would allow it to sustain itself for a 72-hour period without additional support.

Formerly, police would stay outside the school and wait for other officers to arrive. Now, the first police officer who arrives goes in and looks for the gunman.

But Regency has found a site on North McDowell Boulevard (near Corona Road) acceptable to the school district to build a replacement facility.