Collectively, we concluded that continuing with Brian as head coach gives us the best opportunity to win.

I am confident that he understands what we need to do to change and what he needs to do to change, because he had an option to go elsewhere and it would have been fairly painless for him.

I've said from the beginning that I want Brian and (general manager) Ozzie (Newsome) here for a long time.

Dick has had involvement with every aspect of an NFL team, outside of coaching and scouting. His legal expertise, his working knowledge of the business, his relationships at the league office and the respect he has already earned around the league will be a significant asset for the franchise.

The players who've left here aren't as successful as they were here. I think Ray gets the people around him to play 30 percent better than they are.

This is safety; it's not just beauty. We kind of realized that we had them dressed up, but they weren't wearing their seatbelts. It was a great opportunity for us to finish off this deal.

If Ozzie and I are pleased with his growth, so will the players. They will be excited and inspired by his willingness to make changes that make them happier, that make them enjoy coming to work a little more, that make them compete a little harder, that make them listen a little more, maybe make them sweat a little more.

I am extremely disappointed in this year. I hated it; it made my life miserable.

I admire him as a man, I admire his work ethic, I admire his character. I am always willing to work with a man of character that is willing to grow and change. He showed a willingness to change ... I'm very happy with the decision, and I think we will be rewarded for that patience.