I hope it?s a progress thing. That's two freshmen and a sophomore out there. It?s week in and week out, and they don?t get a lot of chance to catch their breath.

The match-up here was so close that the team that competed the best was going to come out the winner. I think the results speak for themselves.

Our depth came through for us.

I think they?re looking forward to going to California, maybe not just for the tennis but also to go to California for spring break.

My hope is eight days from now we will look like a different team. We're going to try to start to eliminate mistakes.

I think the danger is you start to think the answer to playing together is finding a new partner. At this point, I don?t think that is the issue.

We had those four singles matches out there where, other than No. 1 singles, any of them could have gone either way. The only point where I started to feel good was after we won the fourth point.

It doesn't directly impact the conference race, but I think it does indirectly, because we can become a better team because of these matches.

You could tell me who's playing No. 3 for one of these teams, and I wouldn't even know what she looks like.