But we did win three of four and that's a good thing in baseball.

We did some good things early on. We hit and run, we stole some bases. We did some good things offensively to put ourselves in a good position.

We are just giving up too many big innings. It's killing us because we get ourselves in a position that we can't get out of.

We're playing hard, but it's just not good enough. We're close, but we just can't seem to get over the hump.

We were hoping to end it early at that point.

Good teams find a way to win. We have to do that. It's frustrating right now because we're at a point where we have to start winning ball games. I still believe we have a shot at making the conference tournament, but we're going to have to start playing some good ball.

We just can't seem to get the big hit at the right time. We are struggling with driving runners home. That second game, we left a lot of runners on. We just can't do that and expect to beat good teams.