That could've been our worst half of offense of the year and it's a one-point game. We prepared for in-your-face, man-to-man pressure, and we still played like we were down 20. We were too jumpy. We didn't have any calming influence on offense.

We were prepared for it all. But it takes a little more effort than going against your JV squad.

With a little more execution, it changes the complexion of our zone. The one thing we couldn't give up was penetration to the baseline. They got too many looks to close to the basket.

Our offense should be better than that at this point of the season. We took bad shots, we made bad decisions, we didn't have any faith in people getting open. We have to do something more productive with the basketball.

This late, in what has been an incredibly frustrating and disappointing season, they still believe that good things will happen when they play well. Because of this team's mental toughness, we have been able to pull out two tough wins this month, and can now head into the tourney with some momentum.

We lost shooters in transition. We didn't do a good job of communicating on screens.

We had a lot of turnovers on the perimeter, which led to odd-man advantages.

(Stanley) was banging and finishing against a kid (Hill) who's as good as they get in the conference.

It's great for them and certainly for the seniors. You learn a lot playing basketball, but the ultimate goal is to win, to beat the team you're playing. It's nice to do it sometimes. We kind of forgot how it feels.