It's not the products -- it's the business model.

With some of the refineries now shut down in the Houston area and their workers evacuated, we are pulling from operations east of the area.

We are employing lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina and trying to take the steps now that will help us get back up and running depending on the impact.

I knew of 15 that were coming and expected more, but never expected this many, ... Based on what we're hearing, we'll probably have 60 or so by the time this is over.

People are still buying in record numbers.

We've gone out and leased diesel generators in an effort to restart our line. We hope to have it back up and running by this weekend.

He pretty much had the fire out by the time the fire department got there. When they got there, they checked everything out, just to make sure.

These attractions can open in six months, but it's questionable whether there will be any tourists there by then. It's going to be years before the New Orleans tourist industry comes back. Once engineers get inside a lot of those buildings, they'll discover damage that wasn't visible. A lot of buildings will have to be torn down or completely rebuilt.

We'll be delivering what's in the lines as soon as we have the power back on.