When a customer, client or patient fails to pay or falls behind on payments, the ability to collect your money decreases dramatically as time passes. Successful debt collections begin as early as possible. It is a good idea to have a collection agency lined up and ready to go, particularly if you can predict there will be a need in the weeks and months ahead.

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We are very excited about TAG Entertainment's largest theatrical release to date.

In the first quarter we were moving the ball well and were going to our strengths. But in the second quarter we had no concept of what we were doing. We were playing 'I' basketball instead of 'team' basketball.

The greatest loss from bad debts occurs by waiting too long before starting the collections process. That is why so many companies are comparing collection agencies now so they are prepared to use them just as soon as problems hit in the weeks ahead.

I think they're on to something, ... They've really worked to try to make this an asset not only to Wilmore but to Jessamine County and the rest of the region.

Not being driven nuts by a significant other always helps one's sanity and attitude. Trust me, of this I know what I speak.

A common mistake most businesses make is to wait over six months to use a collection agency. They do this because they don't want to pay a high percentage or damage their hard earned reputation. There are reputable collection agencies that specialize in early intervention to assure that you are maximizing your collections and not leaving money on the table.