"Steve Armstrong"









/birth_place= Marietta, Georgia



/residence= Pensacola, Florida

/billed= Marietta, Georgia

"The great state of Texas"

/trainer= Bob Armstrong

/debut= 1983



"Steven "Steve" James" (born March 16, 1965), better known by his ring name "Steve Armstrong" is a professional wrestler and is the son of "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. He has three brothers who also entered the wrestling business: Scott Armstrong (wrestler)/Scott, Brad Armstrong (wrestler)/Brad (who died in 2012) and Road Dogg/Brian.

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They handpick people for those events. They don't just take anybody.

It's a good ole race. I'm a big race fan. I race. I've worked at race tracks. I just love racing. It's about the biggest race of them all.

She opened the door so women could participate in the Empress side.

You could see that look in their eyes, ... It used to be that if I rode one they would think, 'Look at that nut.' Now when I drive around getting my 80 miles per gallon, they're looking at me, but I suspect they are thinking, 'Hey, that's pretty neat.'

The guys want that blessing. They say they are going to ride it on errands or to work, but it remains to be seen if they really do. It sounds good to the wife, I guess.

I would say Porridge is one of the greatest British sitcoms ever made. It dictated the way we see prison.

It's not quite as forgiving (as a motorcycle) in loose gravel or when cornering.

A lot of people are in to it.

I have to furnish the setback and I don't like that.