Every not-for-profit in this area is struggling right now. We are just looking for the best way to fill any community void, and we need something to keep the kids busy. The intent is not to step on anybody's toes. We just want to be in line.

This is a great victory. . . . We heard predictions and from many critics and pundits that Congress would never repeal the Byrd amendment.

Sex is harmful to young adolescents -- to pretend otherwise is foolish.

We have the interests of the state and the interest of the medical community and they are clashing here.

CITAC congratulates Congress for repealing the Byrd Amendment. As recently as last month, many experts were saying we would never obtain congressional repeal of the Byrd Amendment during the current session.

The report provides overwhelming evidence that the Byrd amendment has turned into a giant corporate and welfare program where a few large companies are reaping millions of dollars in subsidies based on overstated and unaudited qualifying expenditures.

We have some mixing to do at the recording studio tonight. We'll go over there at about 1 A.M., and stay until about 8. Then we'll crash.

We've had nine people, but that's the max.