This was the fourth time we played this week, but it's also their fourth game. It was going to come down to who wanted it more. We made a couple more plays.

It was do or die. He was either going to lead us to a win, or we were going to lose. We couldn't take the fouls with us.

We were trying to get the seniors to lead us, but the younger guys stepped up.

We were trying some a little different. We didn't play well in the other ones, so we tried those.

I never expected the game to go like this. I thought that we played well in spurts.

She was able to make some shots. That's what she is supposed to do.

They played their hearts out, and we did the same. We just want to leave with the win.

We will keep playing them, if we keep getting the same result. It really don't matter to us if we keep on winning.

The guys really stepped up for us. They made some big shots.