This community is the perfect example of a community that took the environment and made it better.

The concern that I would have is as long as there are johns in the community who are willing to pay money to have sex with prostitutes, the problem is going to exist.

People need to make sure they've got a smoke detector.

Too many kids are down here and it'll give them a chance to gamble.

It's a really good company, but it has been going through a difficult period, particularly in cost pressures with steel and raw material prices.

I want them to start thinking about being entrepreneurs and running their own business.

Our goal was to provide the most effective, reliable, easy to use, life-saving device possible for those who are using or visiting these facilities.

This is entirely maintained and funded with private funds. ... The ones that live here paid for and maintain it, so they ought to be the ones to enjoy it.

It probably is enough -- this was the sort of thing we were expecting but not quite this soon.