It's really in the realm of speculation as to how to price this.

It's clear that the target the White House has set of halving the deficit (as a percentage of gross domestic product) by 2010 is unrealistic.

My concern with the current (bill) is that it's going to be packed with more goodies that are going to chip away at the effectiveness of it.

People thought over the long term he'd try to do some good and Republicans could finally make good on their promises of getting spending under control, but here we are in the second term and that has not materialized. The dam has just broken.

What Republicans need now are bold plans to downsize the federal government, not some wishy-washy tinkering around the edges.

Going in the direction of an ownership society gets you to the consumption tax in a different way.

We will have more investment and business growth, which leads to lower prices, because more people will be coming to the marketplace with similar products.

This is probably not the end of what we will be seeing. The cost could easily be $150 billion, and there are probably going to be more emergency appropriations.

Many states are having an unexpected surplus of revenue, and that is because of economic growth. It's mainly because their estimates on economic growth were very low.