"Stephen Simpson" is an A1 Grand Prix and Champ Car Atlantic Championship race car driver. Stephen is a resident of Cape Town in South Africa hence his connection to A1 Team South Africa.

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Some things can swallow other things whole, but this is a chew-up-and-swallow meal.

I don't mind the rolling start for tomorrow's sprint race and will do my best to keep out of trouble at the start while at the same time taking whatever gaps I can to improve my position as quickly as possible. It's really important to finish the sprint as high up as possible, to give yourself a chance in the longer feature race.

These companies are going to be haunted by the memory of their own growth. There's going to be pressure from the investment community to find new ways to do that. The bigger you get, the harder it is to grow by 20 percent.

We pulled the heads off to see what they were eating; a substantial portion had evidence of other crickets inside them.

They're not charities, they're businesses.

This is not how I imagined the day would end. Even after we had our pole position taken away from us, I was confident of a good result. Everyone knew we had the fastest car and there were only two drivers in front of me, but it was not to be.