Stephen Powers
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"Stephen Powers" (1840–1904) was an American journalist, ethnographer, and historian of Indigenous peoples of the Americas/Native American tribes in California. He traveled extensively to study and learn about their cultures, and wrote notable accounts of them. His articles were first published over a series of years in the Overland Monthly journal, but collected in The Tribes of California (1877), published by the US Geological Survey.

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We just don't have that many businesses in town to make that worthwhile. I don't think we're ever going to have a big commercial base. There just aren't that many places to solicit people into.

We have a good public school system. We can get to Logan Airport in ten or fifteen minutes. We have two train stations in town, and we have high MCAS scores.

You grow up in town, you have an interest in things. Those items were big enough to have a voice in them, so that's what I did. I like being involved. It's a system that works. If you want to make a difference, or make a plea for your neighbors, you can do it.