A day like today certainly doesn't derail the change we've seen in the last two weeks. The market was up 16 or 17 percent in a straight shot. It was due for a pullback.

The volatility today (Tuesday) was astounding and the moves were very dramatic and quick.

We, the investing public, are pretty confident about the economy and we wanted to see it in the numbers. It's the 'show me' market and today, some companies showed us.

Almost every time since the Oct. 9 low that we've had a pullback of 2 percent or more, and we've had five or six, I think, they've all been on lighter volume. What that's telling you is that the institutions are not changing the [buying] trend -- they are not bailing out of stocks. I think it's a normal and understandable pause.

It was a low-volume retreat. It's understandable. There's some profit taking, some lack of news and the ever-present geopolitical insecurity.

We had the good ISM data and the market reacted very positively. The one missing ingredient was the volume. What we're gonna watch closely in the coming day and weeks is if there is a follow-through on volume. Major institutions drive this market and volume is an indication of that.