He's ready to go, ... He brings credentials to the table.

We want everyone to feel part of the process.

Tom Golisano is a smart business guy, and as a business guy, he's going to do things to keep all his options open.

Every candidate to this point in our process has stated, on the record before God and all of our party's vice chairs and chairs, that they will not cause a primary if not selected as one of our candidates, ... Spin aside, each made a commitment. If they tell you different, it speaks volumes about their character.

This is America. We have no control to tell people they can't run for office. It shouldn't be that way anyway, ... frankly, we'd prefer that he participate in our process.

He called Weld ''an outstanding candidate for governor.

We welcome ... all New Yorkers to join the Republican Party.

That hurdle is a big deal, ... This is a party that supports Governor Pataki.

Of course, I thought about that, ... But I kind of treat people for what they do on their own.