Every puffin we see tonight is a miracle.

I think there is always room for improvement. I'd say we all have to continue to run aggressively, be tough in the middle part of the races, and be mentally focused at the meets.

[So a woman who raised ducks grows stronger. As beautiful as were the puffins, it was just as heartening to see these 20-somethings, their clothes faded by salt and sun and splattered by you know what.] They are part of the magic, ... They are part of the miracle.

Seabirds are ideal symbols for ocean conservation, ... Because they live in a variety of habitats-including oceans, islands, estuaries and beaches-they can show visitors how all coastal life is connected and spark new interest in coastal conservation. Long-term conservation success hinges on public understanding and community support.

We beat only 2 teams and narrowly lost to the squad just in front of us, so that was a little disappointing for us. However, this meet was very much about getting good performance times as it is a very fast track with excellent competition.

Some people just have a passion for nature, a particular attraction to life itself, ... Many people love the environment, but some people are equipped deep down to be conservationists, so when you love something, you do your best to make sure you don't lose it.