"Stephen T. Kay" (born 1963) is a New Zealand actor, director and writer of film and television.

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She's always made excuses, 'Oh I was in a fog -- Tex made us do it'.

I don't ever think she should be paroled because she keeps minimizing her participation (in the killings).

It's sad, but Manson has become somewhat of a folk hero to young people. He gets four fan letters a day.

We are simply responding to consumer demand and choice in providing a product with fluoride.

There's something in her that responded to Manson. She was not a hippie, ... When she joined, Manson was telling them how Hitler was his idol. The facts speak for themselves.

For those consumers who want fluoride in their drinking water and want to choose bottled water, those brands are out there.

I don?t go crazy, but when I go out I like to have a good time, then get my belly full before I go home.

She can't come clean, she can't be truthful -- it's not in her nature.

Properly sealed bottled water doesn't have a (limited) shelf life. There's nothing in it to spoil.