I do think the public is entitled to know more about Mr. McVeigh than simply what the government releases anonymously.

Dead men don't tell tales. We don't want a Lee Harvey Oswald here. We don't want an Oliver Stone movie. We don't want a Warren Commission report.

You didn't feelsorry because they arrested the wrong man?

All of us understand the victims' plight. They are not the property of any side to this lawsuit. Their collective loss belongs to the country.

He's fine, he's OK.

I expect it will be long and drawn out, exhaustive and costly.

Was the person you delivered (food) to Mr. McVeigh?,

He is not a demon, though surely his act was demonic. Mr. McVeigh could very easily be considered the boy next door, and that is what is so serious about it. ... He is everyman.

If we let sympathy overcome reason, then sympathy becomes what race became in another case.