"Stephen Hughes" is the name of:

* Stephen Hughes (physicist), head lecturer in physics at Queensland University of Technology in Australia

* Stephen Hughes (politician) (born 1952), British MEP for North East England

* Stephen Hughes (footballer, born 1976), English football midfielder, played for clubs including Arsenal, Coventry City and Walsall

* Stephen Hughes (footballer, born 1982), Scotland international footballer, played for Rangers, Leicester City, Motherwell, Norwich City

* Stephen Hughes (footballer, born 1984), English football midfielder, played for Brentford and several non-League clubs

* Steven Hughes, artist

* Steve Hughes, Australian musician and comedian

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We are very pleased that the majority of the students in the university support UMCA's call, as we believe that Gwynfor Evans' name should be honoured as he did so much for our nation and beyond.

We are doomed because of where we're at.

I don't have a good feeling what our budget is going to look like next year. Nothing should be construed tonight I'm against lacrosse. We have to be realistic.

Hughesy has trained again and he might just have to start.

I saw the keeper off his line so I just thought I would chip him. It was a good goal and it gives us the three points. It wasn't the prettiest game but everyone was brilliant and the fans were great.

I think it will be considerably more. The way housing is, it doesn't matter who you market it to.

We don't want an opt-out and what we do want is a proper balance between work and family life in Britain and every other member state of the EU.

The tool we're talking about takes more than grades into account.

So many students have respect for him because of his hard work on the language and on Wales, but also people have respect for him due to his hard work promoting peace and his involvement in CND Cymru.