Anytime you have eight seniors, it says a lot about the program and the kids. This guys have really stuck together and have been working toward making their senior a success.

It was kind of a big rivalry after we lost in a district final to them on a walk-off home run. Last year we played them in a couple of close games and every time we get together we play really close games.

I like our pitching depth. I don't think we have that one shut-down pitcher, but we have quite a few kids who can throw strikes and keep us in games, so we have a chance to win every game.

I think once the kids started playing games, they got excited and really started to execute well. We work to get one run each inning and we're executing defensively. Our pitchers have been throwing strikes and letting the defense do the work for them.

We need to be consistent offensively. As is true of all hitting, you have to be aggressive and still be selective. Last year, either we would go up there hacking or be too selective. Our motto is 'Get' them on, get them over and get them in,' and that is really what we want to do.