My thing is I can't worry about what if something happens or what if I take a hit, ... I just have to go out there and play football. Once you start worrying about something happening, something will happen. You just have to go out there and compete. As long as you've got the Lord on your side, He will take care of you.

I was kind of anxious. Everything felt real good, I felt no pain. It was great to be back out there. It's been a long road.

I'm a calm person. I'm so laid-back, it's ridiculous. But, you know, it's been 10 months. It's been a long 10 months. So it's going to be exciting to be back out there on the field. It's going to be very exciting to be on the field with the guys and playing again.

I don't think of this in terms of winning.

['] Honestly, the first day it felt kind of funny, ... But now I've been doing it for about a week, so everything's coming back. I still have some work to do. But all in all, everything is coming back pretty quick.

The trainers are doing a great job, ... I'm still doing my treatment every day; then I come out here and move around a lot. Everything is looking good. But I've still got to take it one day, one practice at a time.

I'm calm. I'm a calm person.

I want to get some contact and do everything I can to help the team win.