This case presents a deeply troubling picture of greed and deception at a large, publicly held company.

Looking to see whether managers are adjusting their assumptions with an eye to enhancing the earnings and balance-sheet numbers investors care about. That could be fraud.

It's just astonishing to me that a firm could allow an analyst to participate in a road show -- and the fact that the prohibition on such conduct isn't literally in effect yet doesn't make me any less disappointed.

Destruction of documents is obviously an extremely serious matter. Documents are an essential ingredient in our investigations.

For Xerox, the accounting function was just another revenue source and profit opportunity, ... As a result, investors were misled and betrayed.

The reforms Putnam will undertake as part of the commission's order are intended to provide real and substantial protections for mutual fund investors.

The $100 million that Janus has agreed to pay and the significant reforms that it has agreed to implement reflect the seriousness with which the staff views market-timing arrangements.

When an exchange specialist unlawfully takes advantage of its privileged position by seizing trading opportunities that it should leave for public customers, it fundamentally undermines the fair and orderly operation of the exchange auction system.

Our complaint against AOL Time Warner details a wide array of wrongdoing.