If we have to pay, we have to pay.

I never heard of Microsoft pressuring us or any other company to not buy other vendors' software -- and we buy software from all different vendors, Microsoft included.

[Tapping the reserve is] not going to make up for the lack of refining capacity, ... but if there is just a problem with oil production in the gulf and not a refining problem, then releasing oil for the reserve will be very helpful.

Many of the first-generation post-war tycoons had no formal education. They came from refugee families, and they were educated here, so you can imagine the level of education.

The Academy is an excellent institution, but we want to have what they have.

The alternative is to shut down the school, ... And we don't think that's fair to the kids, because those days would have to be made up at Christmas break or in July.

It wasn't because the New Jersey National Guard knocked down their doors and dragged them, ... It's because they wanted to.

Paid Movie I did not complete the financing of the movie. We took additional steps to secure the balance of the funding.

You go look at the Academies and their school is functioning.