The U.S. estimate is based on just one tariff line when in fact there are more than 80. And there will be market access opportunities in most if not all of those tariff lines.

We have no choice but to invalidate the agreement signed in 2002.

We've got four officers out assisting ... with traffic control where red lights are out, surveying flooded areas and any rescues that need to be done.

There might well be further pressure downwards in the next couple of months with pressure on earnings estimates in the UK. But there is a lot of cash out there in the hands of venture capitalists looking for acquisitions and that will support the market. Look at the Hilton talks announced today, and the likes of E.ON looking at ScottishPower.

I have talked with Chief (Matt) Doering this morning and offered any assistance that our law enforcement from DNR can provide.

The EU also believes that its combination of reducing subsidies and cutting tariffs will reduce EU poultry exports by about 25 percent -- creating market access for others in third markets.