Stephanie Jones
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"Stephanie J. Jones" is deputy chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Transportation. She was sworn in by Secretary Anthony Foxx in January 2014.

Jones was previously President of Stephanie Jones Strategies, LLC[], a Washington, DC public affairs and strategic planning firm.

Prior to starting her business, Jones was the Executive Director of the National Urban League Policy Institute and Editor-in-Chief of The State of Black America.[]

Jones is the creator and author of Sunday Morning Apartheid: A Diversity Study of the Sunday Morning Talk Shows. []

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Given that this was not a criminal matter, restitution does not apply in this situation. Also, there were no attorney fees (involved).

We do want this place to be remembered in honor of our two children who we lost. In fact, we did attempt to clean up this area because this was the last place our children took their last breaths on this Earth.

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The proposals weren't, in any way, a disrespect to the union. The board really did feel like they were making a fair offer.

We're a small community. Everybody knows each other here. Everybody would love to see it put to rest. I think it will be good (for the Davis family) to have some kind of closure.

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