The past two games we've been a team funk. We just came alive in that first inning (Tuesday).

This was a good win for us after starting 1-2 in district. We were in a bit of a team slump at that time, but the players have worked their way through it and we're getting better.

The girls found a way to win, and that's good to see. I was happy to see us get some base hits with runners on base because we have been leaving too many people stranded this season.

I tell the girls every year if you hit, we'll win games. As a team right now, we're not hitting. That was obvious with only two hits three times through the lineup.

It took us a while to get her timing. You could see the team was working it out, and the second time up they were a lot more confident.

I can tell you that those who played on the team last year, they want more. They still talk about that playoff game. They say that that won't happen this year.

They laid down the bunt and we had a miscommunication on our defense. We haven't played like that all year. They are a hitting team but they will lay down the bunt with runners on base.

It was the next step for the program. We had been so close the year before.

We've been playing well, and this was another good game for us. We had a really good practice on Friday and were hitting the ball hard, and it carried over to the game.