There were questions about whether we would postpone the game, but she would not have wanted that. She looked forward to this game. She wanted to make sure we played as many good teams as we could. For us not to play because we were sad would have been completely unacceptable to Sallie.

We made a lot of mistakes and they didn't. We made bad throws. We made base-running mistakes. When you give them runs, they get more.

This team and this program has always had a winning tradition. This kind of gave them more of a purpose the rest of the year. They're playing for more than just themselves or just this team.

Starting off at the beginning of the season, that was one of our goals. With or without the adversity, that was always the team goal.

As the regular season ends, we're just trying to work on the routine stuff and focus on consistency. And staying sharp on defense.

I tried to tell them they accomplished a lot. Their season went on longer than a lot of other teams. And they made it through some tough times that a lot of other teams didn't have to face.

The good thing is we're still in the playoffs and playing on Tuesday. Friday [against Chamberlain was a minor setback. Our kids know we have to come out strong and be prepared. Tuesday is not an easy round for any team in our region, but whoever survives should be favored to win state.

She started out as my coach, became my friend and then we coached together. What I take away from her the most was she taught us all how to persevere. She could have passed away a long time ago, but she battled. It is sad to lose a friend and someone who was a mentor, but she's in a better place and not suffering anymore.