My team is doing great. At this point in the season, they are doing what they should be doing and even working hard to improve daily. I am pleased with how we are playing and at how well the team chemistry is. I think that the girls believe in each other and in their abilities.

It was a good warm-up game for us.

They basically played four plus hours of soccer and worked hard every minute. I can only hope that they continue their hard work and are now hungry for that win in league.

Shelby was in goal the entire game. Jessie (Lopez) is out with an arm injury. She should return Monday.

It was a pretty good overall game by both teams. Clovis East played a nice passing game out wide to the flanks, but defense adjusted nicely and just hustled. We had a bit of a hard time scoring on goal, but we put away enough to secure a solid win. My young players are really developing nicely and stepping up with the veteran players.

My girls played hard for 100 minutes and never quit. What more could a coach ask for. I am extremely happy ... a win would have been icing on the cake, but the heart and hustle that my team displayed was incredible.

We just put our passing game together in the second half and worked as a team.

I was extremely pleased with our outing in the tournament. The girls have had some tough losses prior to this tournament, but came out ready to play and proved that we are contenders.

That was a good redemption game for us. The girls knew that they played poorly the night before and wanted to show Central what we are really made of.