I know people think I did it because I have my own kids. But even if I didn't have kids, isn't that what you're supposed to do for each other?

I thought after this that I might meet Terri, but I never dreamed all this could happen.

I'd give away as many of my work hours as I could. I couldn't focus at work.

I didn't want to disappoint her.

When we looked at communities, we looked at the schools and their performance. Not only did I want their test scores to be on track, but their environment to be healthy. Everything that I read on paper about Reno has been on target. Plus, it's not Las Vegas.

She's the kind of person a social worker needs to be, [someone] who's caring and sympathetic. She's just everything you're taught to be as a social worker.

I think she deserves it. She actually made my experience go really well. She was just there. She helped me understand things. She taught me things on my level. This was my opportunity to thank her.

We researched so much and so many cities throughout the country. It was a conscious decision to leave Las Vegas. The city where we wanted to raise our family needed to be special.

Not one to be satisfied with just a few activities, Cara is determined to initiate those activities that will encourage more students to provide service for our school and community.