We were so tight. We played not to lose. This was a big game for us.

When someone asked me to dinner for the first time over text message, I found it more than a little insulting. So I sent him a reply suggesting that he pick up the phone and ask me out properly. I never heard from him again.

I went to the doctor, and about an hour later, I was in the trauma center.

I have truly moved beyond my victimization. I do not think of myself as a victim. I don't think of myself as a survivor. I think of myself as someone who through forgiveness has healed her soul and body and moved on to help other people.

I think students learn from their friends and their parents.

The more kids report bullying, the more that is a deterrent. The more young people feel safe, that promotes better learning. It's hard to learn if you don't feel safe.

I had this nagging in the back of my legs.

We've sat out a few times and got a little tan.

We mixed up our defenses and presses.