Stephanie Cox
FameRank: 5

"Stephanie Renee Cox", née "Stephanie Renee Lopez", is a Mexican-American professional association football/soccer defender (association football)/defender, Olympic gold medalist, and current member of the United States women's national soccer team. She currently plays for the Seattle Reign FC of the National Women's Soccer League.

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It was so exciting when he finally came. I didn't think he was going to come, but it all fell into line. It was wonderful.

It was the land of the walking wounded -- bloody families in bathing suits, cut by glass and wood and other debris, mourning. Most people lost all of their bags and passports. We were lucky.

The stories were so sad, terrifying and tragic: A Thai woman who had helped us escape had turned around to get her children, but they had been swept out to sea; an American-Irish couple who had spent the past 15 years of their lives on their sailboat had watched their boat and all their belongings get smashed.