Do you think the other towns are going to believe an opinion issued by our attorney? Don't you think they'd prefer to seek an opinion from their own attorneys?

It looks like all stores are having clearance specials, summer sales. It's very competitive out there. It's a very competitive market, and we think retailers are vying for consumers' dollars as the economy is slow and people probably aren't spending as much. So retailers are giving consumers incentive to come in and traffic their stores.

Our coaches have done a really good job of breaking down things, just breaking down our swing.

We're just not set up for space and where to put it.

A lot of it was excitement, ... We came in ready to play. We're really looking forward to our season.

How safe are we walking around at night? ... I don't do it. My husband says I'm scared. I say, 'Look what's going on.' If they could get the guns off the street, I'd feel safer.

I know people are getting angry and frustrated because they feel helpless because they want to do something and want to do it now. The best thing right now to make sure everyone's needs are met is to send money.

Whatever hit [will] get us going in a game is what we need, ... If we connect the hits, then we'll get the offense going.