"Stephanie Bell" is an Australian Australian Aborigines/Aboriginal, Kulilla/ Wakka Wakka woman. Her grandmother was a member of the Stolen Generations/stolen generations, having been removed from her family, who were Warramungu people, at Brunette Downs in the Northern Territory. Stephanie Bell has degrees in Business Management and Aboriginal Health Service Management and is also a Fellow of the Sir Gustav Nossal International Fellowship for Leadership in Health Reform.

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It was just a bad trip.

He is still young and hasn't started diving yet. But, he will.

These are what we dive for.

This is actually the seventh time we've conducted the poll. We feel it's educational. We stress free enterprise.

We're concerned not only because animals suffer during these routine castrations but also because of the message it sends to students who are still forming opinions about treatment of animals in our society.

Everything you see was discovered by our divers. A lot of the items displayed are not identified because they've petrified.

He's a frog out of water.

You cannot stop sexual experimentation. You can only stop risky behavior based on inaccurate information. When our parents won't teach us about our bodies, we seek information elsewhere.