This is really tough. I talked to Miguel last night. I didn't even know he was hurt. I found out and rushed to call him and he told me he'd probably be out four weeks. That's just a real big loss, a real big piece missing to our puzzle. Of course, I've got to step up and we all do to take Miguel's place. I know that's what he wants. I'll just try to do a real good job, the way he's been doing.

We felt like we were in this thing the whole time. We've got that spirit, that attitude that we are never giving up, that we will not give up until the end. But they (the Tigers) are really good. I couldn't believe how fast they are, up and down the court. They are tall, long, athletic.

My perception is that pretty much all the teams will be after us now. We just have to hold our composure, play our game. That game (against UAB) was really fun. We played good D, we rebounded and we were getting after it. The crowd was great, really supporting us. Now we have to go on the road and play our game.

Man, that was loud. I thought we were back in the Haskins Center.

I liked those kids best. They were great, and I just wanted to make sure they had some fun.

I wasn't shocked. We were all a little disappointed we didn't get a higher seed. Houston got a three seed (in a different bracket). That's just the way it's gone all year. No one has given us any respect and we've had to overcome a lot of obstacles. Nobody has given us anything all year. I wasn't expecting anybody to give us anything now. This is just another chance for us to prove people wrong.

Defense is our main focus. Our game is getting (defensive) stops and shutting people down and getting the win. Coach Doc talks about defense every day in practice, about how important it is. And we work on it every day.