Transportation Workers Union (TWU) officials are not only holding New York City and its economy hostage to their self-serving demands, but they are potentially jeopardizing the jobs of New York City's 30,000 mass transit workers.

While the court has failed to take swift action to stop the ongoing violation of CTA members' constitutional rights while this class-action suit is pending, we believe that the educators will ultimately win their legal case because Supreme Court precedents are on their side.

Since the court will not take swift action to order union officials to inform union members of their rights, this informational campaign will help pick up the slack. Union officials have been fighting tooth and nail to keep teachers in the dark. They naturally fear a revolt from teachers opposing the union hierarchy's extraordinary $60 million campaign this fall.

It's particularly ironic that teachers are being forced to pay for the union's opposition to a referendum to give teachers a choice about whether the union can spend their money for politics.

To get help in coercing thousands of workers into union ranks and to obtain at least $1 million in annual dues revenues, UAW officials sold out the very workers they sought to represent.