German companies will start feeling the pressure on their margins. It was a long winter, consumers used more energy and the same applies to companies. We expect energy prices to retreat somewhat in the second quarter.

The numbers are very positive, as they are much stronger than expected. It signals an economic upturn in the coming quarters.

Even if the negotiations on a grand coalition are successfully concluded ... we expect this government will stay in power for only a short period of time.

Made in Germany is a big trademark, and the products are heading to the U.S., Eastern Europe and Asia. Germany still depends on sales abroad, but the recovery is broadening.

It's a formula to introduce pension cuts through the back- door.

The agreement is lower than expected and it's good news for Germany and for the euro zone because the ECB will have one reason less to raise interest rates. The whole package entails a total rise of 5.1 percent over 24 months, so for German standards that is a really good agreement.

Accelerating world trade is proving a boon to German exports. The recovery is broadening; no doubt the optimism is warranted.

It was a small but positive surprise.

A higher retirement age is unavoidable but Merkel must do more to ensure the system's viability.