"Star Trek" is an Cinema of the United States/American science fiction media franchise/entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry and under the ownership of CBS and Paramount Pictures/Paramount. Star Trek: The Original Series and its live action TV spin-off shows, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise as well as the Star Trek/Star Trek film series make up the main canon, while the canonicity of Star Trek: The Animated Series is debated and the expansive library of List of Star Trek novels/Star Trek novels and Star Trek (comics)/comics, whilst still part of the franchise, are generally considered non-canon.

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Es gibt keinen Grund warum Kinder Chaucer [engl. Dichter des 14.Jhd., Anm.d.Red.] nicht genauso gut zitieren könnenwie Mos Def [Schauspieler und Rapper, Anm.d.Red.]. Die Wahrheit und das Bewahren des Schönen ist ein klarer Hinweis darauf, dass man lebendig ist.

[Sep 26 |] Is human nature savage? It's a question that STAR TREK addressed in many ways, ... You'd Do The Same For Me.

But based on solid technological advances.

Word got out on the internet that Trip was not dead, but what can you do?

Everyone says two sentences and that's it! We can be home in twenty minutes!

I watched some of the original series when I was a kid, and watched some of the NEXT GENERATION shows and I've seen some of the movies, not all of them, but I wasn't any great aficionado. In all candour, I suspect my own aesthetic and what interests me about the medium of television -- does not lean towards STAR TREK.

Beendete dies Data's Reise zur Menschlichkeit. Indem er sich selbst für einen Freund opferte, wurde er am menschlichsten.

[Brannon Braga, co-creator and executive producer of CBS' upcoming SF suspense thriller, Threshold , told SCI FI Wire that the show will not be shy in explaining up front what its aliens are doing.] It's bioforming, ... They're sending out this bizarre technological signal that mutates our DNA, [turning us] into them. There are no aliens. They're turning us into them.