Every lawyer Susan and I ever discussed this with said 'Rosenblatt, you're out of your mind,' ... This was like taking on a country, taking on the tobacco industry.

I don't think that two years of hard work ... is gonna go down the drain on some technicality.

Who said that? I want to meet that person.

This is terrific, and terrific he did it so quickly.

It would be a great pleasure ... a great pleasure to bring them down where they belong.

We are, quite frankly, suspicious that a plan is in the works to prevent our national class action, on behalf of some 60,000 flight attendants, from going to trial on Monday.

Secondhand smoke causes cancer and other diseases. But the tobacco industries' overall global strategy and tactic was to plant doubt in the minds of the American people ... Does it really?

These [are] secret negotiations by essentially a bunch of politically ambitious attorneys general, ... They want their cases to reimburse the treasuries of Florida and other states.

It was a day of reckoning . Six thoughtful, courageous American listened to testimony for close to two years and, damn it, they did the right thing.