We just had a lack of focus. I think focus is really what hurt us today. That's something a good team always has to keep rolling - focus. You've always got to have focus.

Right now, it's just up in the air. There's a big possibility I could leave, a big possibility I could come back. Nothing is set in stone.

It's a lot of pressure waiting. I'll just be happy to make someone take a chance on me.

I haven't heard anything yet. I'm still waiting. But right now, I'm just all the way (focused) on Wisconsin.

Our reputation to the Big 10 is that we're just fast and soft. We take offense to that. We've got to go out and set the tone on Wisconsin real early.

After careful thoughts and prayers, I have decided to forgo my senior season at Auburn to pursue my dream of a career in the NFL. I returned home following the bowl game and had long talks with my parents and prayed a lot about my future. I also received the coaches' input and weighed that into my decision. I feel like this is the right opportunity for me to take my game to the next level.

Nobody feels like we've had a real test yet. LSU is definitely going to be the big test. They're the best team we've played so far.

I'm going to go home and talk with my momma and my daddy and make my decision from there.

I consider myself nothing (less) than the second-round type of guy.